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10 Must-Try Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses in Adelaide


Considering the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, smaller companies tend to lose grip of their marketing efforts. Coupled with financial challenges, they potentially lose traffic and conversions to other businesses. Here are tried-and-tested strategies that professional digital marketing agencies recommend for a small business in Adelaide to stand out amidst the competition.

  • Optimize for Mobile

Digital marketing in Adelaide is vital because audiences browse products and services on mobile phones. Optimizing your website with mobile-friendly themes and templates makes it user-friendly and captures high-quality leads with high conversion rates.

  • Optimize your Google Business Profile

Claim and optimize your Google Business profile by including opening hours, contact information, location, products and services, and business images. Google accounts for 94% of the Australian search engine market. Your business appears among listings above organic search results on SERPs and automatically increases conversions and sales without spending on ads.

  • Maximize Local SEO

Local SEO in Australia increases brand visibility in local searches making it easy for customers to locate you when they input relevant keywords to your business. Appearing on top of these local searches boosts your store’s website traffic and foot traffic.

  • Explore Social Media Marketing

Instead of leveraging all social media platforms, focus on the ones that align with your audiences. More than 74% of customers make their purchasing decisions from social media. Being active on these platforms guarantees that you will capture these high-converting leads.

  • Create Unique Blog Content

Content, when done right, boosts web traffic and conversions and ultimately generates more sales. Creating unique content that aligns with your business shows expertise and industry authority. Your content naturally ranks on the SERPs when more people click on your content pages.

  • Create Email Lists for Email Marketing

Since Australia has a higher open rate and click-through rate for marketing emails, leverage this traffic to increase sales. A digital marketing agency will create lead magnets prompting buyers to provide their email addresses. Collect customer information at checkout to create an email list and send personalized emails that leave an impression on prospects.

  • Collaborate with Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers provide long-term brand promotion support because their popularity among your target audiences convinces buyers to take action. When audiences see these high-profile individuals using your products or recommending services, they will visit your pages or stores to make purchases.

  • Leverage Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Digital marketing in Adelaide helps small businesses with pay-per-click advertising to effectively target their products and services to generate quality leads and boost conversions. Google Ads is a cost-effective PPC platform where small businesses bid on keywords to drive traffic from search results.

  • Create Appealing Visual Content

Use videos, animations and creative images to promote your products and services on various channels. YouTube has over 2.5 billion active users, and promoting your content on this platform increases website traffic. In addition, promote visual content on social media with calls-to-actions for customers to view and purchase products.

  • Marketing Automation

Automating digital marketing in Adelaide streamlines businesses by saving time and increasing staff productivity. Many automation tools exist for lead scoring and nurturing, publishing content, managing social media pages, and remarketing. This strategy generates data for building better ads to boost conversion rates.

While there are numerous strategies, only pick the ones valuable to your business. In addition, if a strategy is not delivering the best results, switch to a better one. Working with a digital marketing agency guarantees business growth since you have eyes on your marketing efforts.

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