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Characteristics of Best Primary Schools in Singapore


Choosing the primary school for children is the most challenging task for every parent. Especially when there are varied options available, it gets difficult to decide which school would be the best. Moreover, if they choose the wrong school due to the lack of awareness or research, it impacts their child’s future as the quality of education they get is not up to the mark. 

So, the ideal way to start looking for the best primary school in Singapore is by understanding the characteristics you should look for. Some characteristics make a school the best kindergarten in Singapore. After knowing these characteristics, things will get easier for you, and you can conveniently make a decision.

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Characteristics of best primary schools in Singapore

Curriculum Options

The first and foremost thing you should check is the curriculum program offered by the school. If you are looking for the best school, expect to get a universally recognized curriculum program. Moreover, they follow a structured learning approach to prepare the children well for the international competition. Ideally, the best schools offer IB or CBSE curriculum plans which is also the most preferred choice amongst parents. 

Amenities at School

The school should be well-equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and modern-day facilities for the holistic development of a child. There should be adequate facilities for sports and fine arts, giving every child an opportunity to explore the areas of his interest. Moreover, they should have an activity-based learning approach, making education more fun and exciting for children. 

Staff Expertise

The most significant characteristic of the best primary school in Singapore is the expertise level of its educators. These schools follow a stringent hiring policy to make sure that they only hire teachers with relevant educational backgrounds and proven expertise. So, while exploring the schools, make sure you enquire about the staff qualification and only choose a school with expert staff to rest assured that your children are in safe hands. You will find these details on the school website or in the brochure. However, you can also ask the admission counsellor to provide this information. 

School Environment

Lastly, the factor that makes a primary school the best is its environment. Young children study in this phase, so the environment needs to be happy, productive, and highly nurturing. Children shouldn’t feel any pressure; they should be super interested and excited about going to school. To check this, you can plan a personal visit to the schools of your choice. Be observant and see how the children studying there behave. If you feel that the atmosphere is appropriate for your child, you can end your search and go for the enrolment. 

These are the key traits of the best kindergarten in Singapore that you should look for while exploring the available options in your area. You can also keep them as constraints to filter the choices and reach out to the best school. Another trick is to seek help from fellow parents, asking them to recommend a few schools they feel are the right choice. Verify their suggestions by doing your research and if you find everything appropriate, go ahead with the enrolment.

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