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Don’t Forget these Pre-Purchase Considerations for White Marble Worktops


White marble worktops are the epitome of sophistication that adds a luxurious touch to interior spaces. This picturesque natural stone is not just ideal for countertops but also for staircases, fireplace surrounds, wall cladding, flooring, and so on. Despite the intensive care and maintenance they require, white marble countertops are highly coveted by home décor enthusiasts. It is often hard to believe that this stunning worktop material is nothing but limestone that has been hard-crystallized by tectonic forces over centuries. Marble should be kept away from acids owing to its chemical composition (calcium carbonate) and porosity. Before buying white marble, homeowners should familiarize themselves with several important considerations and know-how.

Picking the Best White Marble Worktops

White marble is available in several gorgeous shades and veining patterns. Based on the kitchen specifications (lighting, wall colour, material/colour of fixtures, faucets, and cabinets), the best-looking white marble worktop installation can be carried out. Here are the top choices:-

  1. Calacatta Marble– Bright white marble with mesmerizing thick veins ranging from beige and brown to dark grey and gold
  2. Carrara Marble– Elegant, soft white marble with faint, feathery grey veins, well-suited for spacious/expansive worktop installation
  3. Statuario Marble– Impressive white marble with thick, bold grey (and sometimes gold) veins, best utilized for focal points like kitchen islands
  4. Bianco Marble– Dreamy-looking, translucent white marble with unique blue-grey streaks
  5. Mystery White Marble– True to its name, this is a rare ethereal-looking Italian marble with soft wisp-like veins.

The Right Way to Clean and Maintain White Marble Countertops

  1. Use warm water, mild soap, and a soft washcloth for daily cleaning of white marble surfaces. Post-cleaning, wipe off with a dry towel immediately.
  2. Use a paste of baking soda and warm water to remove tough stains. Depending on the severity, it can be applied and left on the stain for a few hours (or overnight).
  3. Using acidic cleaners is a big no-no for any marble surface. Even diluted vinegar will leave permanent stains and should be completely avoided.
  4. With a low Mohs hardness rating of 3 and a highly porous nature, marble worktops require regular professional sealing.
  5. Opting for a honed finish is advisable because it warrants less maintenance than polished or glossy marble. In the latter case, even minute scratches or stains will be prominently visible. Honed marble has a grainy surface that camouflages them.
  6. Choosing white marble worktops is the most sensible option for busy kitchens where worktops are highly prone to staining. The stains (whitish patches) will appear jarring on any other marble colour. But on white marble, these will hardly be visible.

Matching of the Marble Slabs Before Installation

  • Marble owes its distinct colours, patterns, and veining to the forces of nature. The sheer unpredictability of natural metamorphosis ensures that no two marble slabs are identical. 
  • Hence, choosing the right blocks/slabs is necessary for a uniform or well-coordinated visual effect while selecting marble for countertop installation. 
  • The final appearance should be artful, be it a homogenous pattern, ascending veins, descending veins, or book-matched slabs.
  • Bookmatching is the process of cutting a marble block into two identical slabs. Aside from kitchen worktops, these matching slabs are ideal for large, beautiful kitchen islands, table tops, accent walls, and fireplaces.
  • Cross-cutting to obtain two marble blocks with opposite patterns is also a rising trend. This creates a dramatic effect in contemporary designer kitchens.


In all its glory and natural splendour, white marble continues dominating luxury and designer kitchens. Despite its maintenance hassles and careful usage guidelines, white marble is widely preferred by homeowners. Whether the kitchen style is contemporary, classic, country, rustic, bohemian, regal, minimalist, urban, coastal, or mid-century, the right white marble worktop will always blend seamlessly and never fail to impress!

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