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How to Overcome Common Business Loan Hurdles and Secure the Funding You Need?


India is a progressive country where many professionals are becoming entrepreneurs by starting their businesses. Key cities like Gurugram and Ahmedabad are one of the fastest-growing hubs for small businesses and startups. While many professionals use their own funding, many prefer Business Loan to manage or expand their business. However, securing loans for business can be challenging, and many entrepreneurs face common hurdles when applying. This article will explore the hurdles and offer tips and alternative financing options to help entrepreneurs seeking Business Loans in Ahmedabad.

Importance of Business Loans for Small Businesses

Loans for business provide small businesses with the capital to expand, purchase equipment, or cover operating expenses. Many small businesses would never get off the ground without access to financing. Also, existing businesses would struggle to grow and compete in today’s fast-paced economy.

Common Hurdles Businesses Face When Applying for Loans

Following are some of the common hurdles businesses face when applying for loans:

Lack of Collateral or Poor Credit Score

While established businesses can get unsecured Business Loans quickly, new or emerging companies may require collateral or a strong credit score to secure a loan, which they may not be able to fulfil. 

To overcome this hurdle, businesses can consider the following:

  • Maintain a good credit score: Pay bills on time, keep debt levels low, and monitor credit reports regularly.
  • Offer collateral: Provide assets such as property, equipment, or inventory as security for the loan.

Insufficient Cash Flow or Revenue

Lenders want to ensure businesses have the sufficient cash flow or revenue to repay the loan. With this, businesses may be deemed safer to lend to. To overcome this hurdle, entrepreneurs can consider the following:

  • Increase cash flow and revenue: Explore ways to increase sales, reduce expenses, or improve cash management.
  • Apply for a smaller loan: Apply for a smaller, more manageable loan based on current cash flow and revenue.

Vague Business Plan or Financial Projections

Lenders want a solid business plan with detailed financial projections demonstrating the business’s ability to repay the loan. Without this, companies may be able to get approved for Business Loans in Ahmedabad. To overcome this hurdle, businesses can consider the following: 

  • Improve the business plan: Ensure the business plan is comprehensive, accurate, and realistic.
  • Improve financial projections: Use historical data and market research to create accurate financial projections.

Incomplete Documentation or Paperwork

Lenders ask for specific documentation and paperwork to approve a loan. Without this, entrepreneurs may not get approval for loans for business. To overcome this hurdle, businesses can consider the following: 

  • Prepare necessary documents in advance: Gather all the required documentation and paperwork before applying for the loan.
  • Consult a financial advisor: A financial advisor can help businesses prepare and organise the necessary documents and paperwork.

Tips to Overcome Common Business Loan Hurdles

To overcome the common hurdles businesses face when applying for loans, entrepreneurs can consider the following:

  • Build and maintain a good credit score.
  • Increase cash flow and revenue.
  • Improve the business plan and financial projections.
  • Prepare necessary documents and paperwork in advance.

Alternative Financing Options

If traditional financing options are not available, businesses can consider alternative financing options such as:

Microloans and Crowdfunding

Microloans and crowdfunding emerge as popular choices for businesses that do not meet the criteria for traditional loans. Micro loans are small loans, typically under INR 10 lakhs, suitable for companies with limited credit history or collateral. Crowdfunding includes raising funds from many people through online platforms.

Factoring & Invoice Financing

Businesses with unpaid invoices seeking urgent cash flow have the option of utilizing factoring and invoice financing. Factoring involves selling invoices to a third party for a discounted price. In comparison, invoice financing involves borrowing against outstanding invoices.

Business Credit Cards and Lines of Credit

Business credit cards and lines of credit give businesses access to capital when needed. It offers a revolving line of credit. However, lines of credit give businesses a set amount to draw from as needed.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending involves borrowing money from individuals or investors through online platforms. This option suits businesses that cannot qualify for traditional loans.


Securing a loan for a business can be challenging, but it’s possible. Understanding the common hurdles, businesses face when applying for loans and exploring alternative financing options is essential. There exist a lot of lenders that may provide Business Loans in Ahmedabad. Through this guide, businesses can increase their chances of securing the funding they need to succeed. Remember to be prepared and explore all available options to find the best financing solution for your business.

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