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Tips to Succeed with Your Facebook Business Page


Facebook is the social network with the largest number of users today, with 2.4 billion active users. In addition, a survey by the Pew Institute points out that Facebook is the platform through which people consume the most news.

As a result, the platform remains a perfect channel for your company’s content to reach your target audience. Optimizing your Facebook presence will help build your Inbound Marketing strategy and position your brand in the digital marketplace. 

Facebook still has advantages, such as tools that will help you segment your audience and integrate your content with other platforms, increasing your reach. 

Thus, it is extremely important to have a correct positioning on Facebook to open up countless business opportunities for your company and increase interaction and engagement with your consumers. 

Read more, To help you understand the best practices and strategies to communicate with your audience effectively, we’ve put together ten tips for businesses and marketers to use Facebook to their advantage and make the most of it! 

1. Post videos on Facebook 

According to data from Facebook, platform users like to consume content in video format. This means that to engage your users and increase your reach, video production is extremely important!

Videos that appear in users’ feeds start automatically but without sound. The quality of the visual content is essential to engage the user and make them watch your video until the end.

That is, the more interesting the visual content of your video, the more motivation people will have to continue watching.

Once users watch your videos to the end and the number of views increases, Facebook prioritizes your content on the timeline. 

And, still, in the video format, live broadcasts are also seen with good eyes by users and Facebook itself!

2. Use Ads Manager

Facebook lets you pay for your posts to reach a wider audience. Ads Manager is a powerful tool to increase views and likes on your page.

With it, you can tailor and segment your ads to reach specific audiences and regions. This means that your content will be disseminated more correctly!

3. Post your best blog content

It is fundamental to your company’s Facebook Marketing and Inbound Marketing strategy to post interesting, relaxed content relevant to your audience. 

Be careful when choosing your most interesting content and filling your timeline. Thinking about visual and useful content platforms users want to consume is necessary.

4. Add the “Call to Action” button

As of 2014, one of Facebook’s tools allows you to set up a “Call to Action” button at the top of your page.

You can choose between the options “Register,” “Buy now,” “Contact us,” “Book now,” “Use application,” “Watch the video,” and “Play,” linking to your commercial website, to some landing page or page that makes sense to your target audience. 

5. Create visual posts

If you’re aiming to grab users’ attention, creative and well-written posts are much more likely to attract them. This strategy usually includes videos, photos, infographics, and other enjoyable content relevant to your target audience. 

In addition, the visual contents will automatically populate your page in the “Photos” and “Videos” tab, facilitating access for visitors.

6. Customize your URL

When you create a page, Facebook creates a URL with your name and a series of numbers. To make your link more shareable and easy to find, modify the URL ( https://www.facebook.com/yoyr page name, for example).

Just choose an available name, and you can publicize the brand page more easily and professionally.

7. Create a page instead of a profile

To represent your brand, you must create a business page (or fan page) and not a personal profile. Pages include a range of unique resources for businesses, brands, and organizations.

It is possible to use page performance analysis tools, such as the number of visitors and most commented posts, boost publications, and create ads.

By doing this, you will be respecting the Facebook Terms and maximizing the potential of your business page.

8. Optimize your subtitles

Captions are essential pieces to increase the engagement of your content on Facebook. The language must be creative, useful, and connected to your audience.

One of the ways to do this is by using the copywriting technique: a content production technique focused on convincing the reader to take some action. Also, use mental triggers to make people connect with the content and thus become interested in it. 

9. Follow the 70/20/10 Rule

This Rule helps remind you not to post just one type of content to your Facebook business feed.

Publishing different content will allow marketers to identify which content generates more user engagement and interest. 

The 70/20/10 Rule states that to reach your audience, it is important to diversify your content, with 70% of original content produced by you, 20% focused on important topics for your consumers, and only 10% focused on promoting your product or service. 

The idea is to vary in themes and formats, such as videos, images, texts, and gifs.

10. Target your content to specific audiences

Facebook allows you to boost your content with segmentation based on everything from location to factors like the hobbies and interests of the users you want to reach. 

Once you’ve implemented all of these tips and started to boost your page, it’s extremely important to remember to track key Facebook metrics and optimize your strategy.

Remember: adapting ads and publications is extremely important to awaken your audience’s interest and engagement!

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