Top 5 Preschool Franchise Opportunities in Ahmedabad


Embarking on a preschool franchise journey offers a promising avenue for entrepreneurial success while positively impacting the lives of children. Franchise models present a tried-and-tested path to business prosperity, mitigating risks along the way. Moreover, leveraging established brand names can confer a competitive advantage and bolster market presence.

When selecting a preschool franchise, it’s crucial to weigh factors such as educational quality, scalability, and financial stability. Additionally, prioritize franchises that offer comprehensive support services and a robust business framework. With numerous options available, careful consideration is key.

With these considerations in mind, we’ve curated the top 5 preschool franchises in Ahmedabad, facilitating your decision-making process and paving the way for a rewarding venture.

Footprints Preschool and Daycare

Footprints Preschool and Daycare is a renowned educational franchise business opportunity that promises both financial success and meaningful social impact. Operating according to an evidence-based curriculum with comprehensive support services provided for franchisees. Admission guarantees help ensure steady student enrollment. With established presence both in India and internationally and an established business model that ensures breakeven periods within six months or so.

Early childhood education is recognized by this company as being essential for future learning, with parental involvement encouraged and holistic child development being prioritized. Furthermore, their outstanding adult-child ratio and in-house nutrition ensure high-quality care – setting them apart from other preschool franchise companies.

Footprints offers its franchise partners additional benefits, such as sales and marketing support, teacher hiring assistance and operational management services. Their comprehensive support system enables franchise owners to focus on nurturing children while expanding their businesses – plus there’s even a variable royalty structure so fees decrease with increased revenues!

Little Millennium Preschool

India’s growing population and increased emphasis on early education provides entrepreneurs who possess a passion for nurturing young minds an ideal opportunity. Opening a daycare or preschool franchise such as Little Millennium school franchise provides an effective means of making an impactful difference on children’s lives while earning a good return on investment; one such model offered is by Little Millennium school franchise; read further to discover this lucrative endeavor and how you can get involved.

Little Millennium preschools are managed and promoted by one of India’s largest and most trusted names in education, Educomp Solutions Ltd. Their guiding principle is to offer children a culturally enriching environment while instilling important values at this key time in their development. Their curriculum promotes play-based learning while offering engaging activities for toddlers.

Success of the brand can be attributed to its distinctive curriculum and organized pedagogy, supported by extensive research and development and offering strong value proposition for parents. Furthermore, support and training services for its franchisees ensure they are equipped with all of the tools required for running a profitable business.

Begin by conducting market research to assess whether there is enough of a need for a Little Millennium franchise in your local market. Once approved, select an ideal location and submit an application to the franchisor. Afterward, launch your franchise with a grand opening event to build customer loyalty while using social media for promotion and local influencers to generate buzz and awareness of your new business venture.


This unique preschool chain in India stands out as an industry innovator, thanks to its award-winning curriculum and pedagogy that have won multiple accolades like India’s Most Trusted Brand and Franchisor of the Year. Additionally, their franchise model has proven highly successful by creating a network of over 900 entrepreneurs – the majority being women – working for them across their franchisees network. Their mission is to nurture young minds while contributing positively to society while providing safe and hygienic environments where learning is both fun and effective – while also giving parents flexibility in working from home while maintaining healthy balance between work life and career commitments.

To become a Eurokids franchisee, you will require at least 1500 square feet in an ideal and tranquil location with access to a playground and plenty of open outdoor space. Furthermore, you must undergo training sessions and attend meetings, with an entrepreneurial spirit and strong ambition for success guiding your journey.

Your franchisor will provide initial and ongoing assistance, including setting up your school, training your teachers, providing marketing resources and offering collateral-free loans with a moratorium period of three months. Eurokids offers comprehensive financial options such as this.

Eurokids provides an outstanding franchise opportunity for those in Ahmedabad looking to open a preschool. Offering high returns on investment and numerous advantages – from scalability and monitoring by kindergarten experts, to guaranteed annual receipts revenue – Eurokids has something perfect for you. Discover more by visiting their website today.

Bachpan Play School

Bachpan Play School is an esteemed nationwide chain of pre-schools dedicated to early child development and providing structured learning in an engaging, innovative, and systematic fashion. Their curriculum emphasizes activity-driven thematic learning for preschoolers, LKG, UKG, Nursery and Playgroup levels as well as advanced technological tools like Speak-O-Kit, Prismart Classes Robotime Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Pri-Tab; making their classes even more engaging for their pupils than before!

The school recognizes the vital importance of education to a child’s future success and strives to promote it with their cutting-edge pedagogy and research-backed curriculum, offering their pupils exceptional learning experiences that will set them up for future success.

Bachpan Play School stands out from other preschools by providing a highly profitable franchise model with complete corporate support for franchisees. This makes them an excellent option for people wanting to enter education with minimal initial capital investments.

They take their students on regular trips and excursions to teach them more about the world and its complexity, such as banks, railway stations, zoos and grocery stores so that kids can gain real-life experience within an academically safe environment.

Bachpan Play School has earned its place among India’s premier preschool franchises due to their exceptional franchising opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to launch their own businesses. They provide full support in every aspect of business management such as marketing, advertising, technical support and recruitment ensuring maximum returns on investments for each franchisee.


With more parents entering the workforce comes an increased need for reliable childcare solutions. Preschool franchises can be an ideal solution; these established businesses offer extracurricular activities for children as well as high returns on investment and ease of operation. There’s sure to be one that meets your individual requirements whether that means using specific teaching approaches or technology integration strategies.

Education is the gateway to a prosperous future and should be prioritized from early on in life. Quality pre-school education can significantly boost a child’s cognition and factual knowledge; therefore, finding an excellent school in your locality is of utmost importance.

Kidzee, as part of the Zee Learn Group, has nurtured over two million children over ten years. Recognised for setting unparalleled standards in early childhood education and offering innovative curriculum designed to promote child development and growth, Kidzee stands as an unparalleled pioneer and leader within its ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education).

At our school, extra-curricular activities are a key element to helping children discover their creativity and foster teamwork. Furthermore, class sizes are kept small to give each student enough attention to achieve personal excellence and feel special.

Kidzee preschool franchises require at least 2000 square feet of space. Initial investments typically range between 12-15 lakhs, including franchise fees and expenses. Franchise companies will assist you in selecting an ideal location and will assist in setting up the operation process.

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