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Why children should study in a primary School in Punggol


Singapore’s North-East Region includes the Punggol peninsula, also known as Tanjong Punggol, a planned area and new town. Sengkang directly borders the town on the south, and the town shares rivers with Seletar to the west and Pasir Ris to the east. The Straits of Johor borders the town to the north and the northeast, while Coney Island is featured in the Punggol planning area.

 Primary Schools in Punggol

The primary schools in Punggol form the bedrock of quality education for the children with its rich heritage and culture rooted in the very foundations of these institutions. The education system is designed with global standards to prepare children to grow into leaders and champions of the new world. The children are given life experiences through field trips, outdoor sports & adventures, art, workshops, etc. These schools encourage children to be curious, creative, and collaborative. All this happens by helping the kids explore the vast knowledge around them, organizing activities involving the parents for nurturing their child to a better future.

The learning programs of the primary school in Punggol emphasize a student’s STEM skills – Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, attributes of critical thinking & problem solving; the students are tested on these skills based on latest methods like Data Analytics.

These programs offer students to engage in collaborative learning to gain social and expressive competencies. Education programs are strongly cohesive, encouraging students to innovate and design for solving real-world problems.

The framework of the program is developed to empower the students through exposure, experience, development, & growth. The students are educated of the invaluable gifts of mother nature, the global environmental scenarios, and the ways to make a better future for all present and future generations to live in harmony and peace.

Importance of Indian International School in Singapore

There are a few Indian International schools in Singapore, which are reputed and certified with the accredited curriculum. The purpose of such schools is not to add information, but to draw out wonder, joy, and intrinsic abilities from the child through an ample international program that fosters well-rounded learning. The learning environment at Indian International Schools is specially designed to enhance and deepen the experiences of your child.

The Indian International schools in Singapore promote inquisitive, open-minded learners that can initiate an active role in exploring possibilities and critical thinking. The student should thrive and refine for self-development for future studies and lifelong learning.

The Indian International School provides effective communicators who receive, process, express, and interpret ideas using multilingual skills. The students in the international curriculum would be able to make connections between concepts and real-life learning beyond boundaries so that when students face a real-life issue, they could handle it. The students will also learn communication through multiple creative methods artistically and academically.

The curriculum in Singapore shapes students in a way that they are directed towards the position of collaborators that can work independently and synergically in teams and respect each other’s views. The students show concern and care towards other people and learn from and contribute toward the teaching of others. The students transform towards becoming global citizens who can play an active role in the community globally, committed to highest standards of integrity and ethics.

The Indian International School in Singapore offers a technology-based and Internationally benchmarked Curriculum from grade 1 to 5. Also, Cambridge Secondary Curriculum from grade 6 to 10 in an inclusive environment for the child with an affordable fee structure.

Research-based learning encourages children to be inquisitive and collaborative learners, so they can be nurtured into global thinkers. The curriculum of Indian International School encourages students of all ages to consider the global and local environment. This will develop sturdy academic, social, and emotional characters. With persistence in knowledge and learning, students are more likely to perform better artistically and academically. This curriculum would prepare students to compete with outside universities and colleges around the globe.

Innovation by the Indian International School

As part of the institution’s focus on developing student leadership skills, a Student Council was established in addition to traditional School and House captaincies. A new era of student-led efforts to promote arts activities, charitable drives, literary campaigns, and entrepreneurship has begun at all kinds of International Indian Schools in Singapore, thanks to its Literary Society, Entrepreneur’s Club, and Cultural and Co-Curricular Activities Club. Mentors serve as an effective means of facilitating interaction between the administration and students in the school, while also facilitating their effectiveness in their roles and responsibilities.


The International curriculum at primary schools in Punggol encourages students to learn about cultures, traditions, art forms, and sports so that they have a wider range of contexts within which they can learn. As a society, schools must uphold the values that form the foundation of civil society while blending competing needs and demands.

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